Two and Three

Entry Number: 00005
Setting Orange, the 29th of Confusion 3186 YOLD

The Math

Evaluate: 2 + 3 = 5

Never has there been a more perfect equation. If we delve deep in to eristic mathmetical theory, we find that 5 is everywhere. It is also found that this more holy union of 2 and 3 brings us closer to understanding the fundamental nature of chaos, which we fundamentally can not understand.

Five Principles to Live By

1. Understanding that you can never fully understand everything is the path tounderstanding nothing, which is everything.

2. Apples are not bananas, but they still taste great.

3. Without darkness, there is no light. Without evil, there is no good. Without donuts, there are no cops. Withought Eris, there is no chaos and that just won't do.

4. Have you checked your 5th dimensional corners for lose change today?

5. Five golden rings are worth way more than a bunch of birds.

Saint Tiwesdaeg Twohands
Grand Librarian of the Bureaucratic Order of Obtuse Kodexes