On the Subject of Chickens

Entry Number: 00003
Pungenday, the 22nd day of Confusion 3186 YOLD

There once was a chicken from Oxford who was known throughout the land as Heinrich. Heinrich was adorned as many chickens are with feathers, a comb, wattles, and a beak. Where he strayed from the stereoytpe was his prediliction for wearing shoes. You may ask, "How can a chicken wear shoes?" This is a silly questions and you should go sit with your nose in the corner and contemplate Euler's formula for complex numbers.

A pair of shoes gave Heinreich incredible stamina when it came to walking. He was wont to visiting far off lands. One day, he ventured in to the land of sleep. Everyone throughout the land of sleep slept like the dead. In fact, they were dead.

Heinrich took this opportunity of an immobile audience to preach his ideas on the duality of mankind, as was written by the great prophet Private Joker. In all of us we have the potential for peace and for war. Both beget the other in a neverending cycle. All is chaos.

Saint Tiwesdaeg Twohands
Grand Librarian of the Bureaucratic Order of Obtuse Kodexes