A Few Thoughts on Eris

Entry Number: 00001
Setting Orange, the 10th of Chaos 3186 YOLD

Who is Goddess? How may I come to know her better?

These are simple questions we all have that are nigh impossible to truely answer. How do you pin down and fully comprehend a force of nature? We could try math. By chance, we may find a complex theorum after years of research that may give us a glimmer of understanding of Eris in all her chaotic glory. The problem with math, though, is that it leads one down the path of creating order from disorder. This way leads to bureaucracy.

"Gird not up thy loins for battle, but wear an evening gown so that thy enemy might flirt with thee as if thou were a rabbit."

-The Right Honorable Jean Luc Riker

The ancient wisdom of the Principia Discordia instructs us to consult our pineal gland when seeking to understand Goddess. This is quite difficult for some of us. Perhaps you should try to consult a more external gland? I hear sebaceous glands can be quite talkative.

Saint Tiwesdaeg Twohands
Grand Librarian of the Bureaucratic Order of Obtuse Kodexes